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Emily O. Weltman
Emily Weltman, M. Ed., strategy consultant, social entrepreneur + coFLOWco founder is “Leading with Purpose–because the patriarchy isn’t going to fix Itself.”💫

Did you choose who you are?

Image by author; made in Canva; “Who are you?” name tag with glitter rainbow

It’s almost the end of pride month and I still have questions. I hope you don’t mind me asking you one…

When did you come out straight?

Who did you tell first? Were you nervous (or trying to convince yourself you really liked your same-gendered classmates)?

Omg, did your parents, like, totally freak out when you said “Mom, I think I’m ssssstraight.” Did you feel guilty knowing *think* was not part of your truth?

Were you sure you really were interested in the opposite gender or was it just a phase? I mean straight at 9, 11, 15, 19? How…

Why we need new designers and voices creating “The Future of Work.”

Image by author, made in Canva

Call it whatever you want. The Great Reset. Build Back Better. The #futureofwork. The Recovery Plan. It doesn’t matter what veneer economists, politicians, and foundations put on it…what we are talking about is bigger than one term can hold.

The big management consultancies continue to just riff off one another. They aren’t centering solutions on womxn and gender non-conforming humans, especially Black, Brown, and Indigenous people–they’re only saying they are. They seem to be stealing from smaller orgs with more diverse voices, then calling it “innovation” and “disruption.”

As a consultancy focused on communications, brand strategy, and social enterprise I…

What can you do to support founders and build DEI into businesses today?

Image created by author with iStock/stockworldr icons

With all the talk around the “Future of Work” have you stopped to think: Aren’t we supposed to be in “the future” now? We have known for decades about the importance of gender inclusion in the workplace. Women have been doing it differently, starting and building flexible businesses since the 1980s.

25-years-ago in Beijing, Hillary Clinton argued that women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights. A quarter of a century later, she spoke about the shortfalls in progress towards gender equality at the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society. …

I’m not breaking up yet — LinkedIn — but the spark is gone.

Illustration by Cathy Libnic

“Our culture is powerfully shaped by the publishers of history books and the compendiums of debate and rhetoric, the creators of podcasts, the magazine editors who come up with the “10 best” lists, the conference organizers, the award givers, and all the other gatekeepers of our culture and shapers of our heritage.” — Dana Rubin

The excerpt above is from the article “Dear Jon Meacham, why I’m breaking up with you.” Speech collector Dana Rubin is spot-on, no?

Like me, Dana is a fierce gender equality advocate, (and from my childhood stomping ground, Westchester County).

Back in 2019, 2 weeks…

The fight for freedom and escape in the “Land of the Free”.

Image collage by author, Emily Weltman

“You are the sky. Everything else — it’s just the weather.”

―Pema Chödrön

Who’s overreacting?

After the first Portland protests, I wrote a piece about Portland and Kristallnacht; I didn’t publish it. Sounding the alarms of the GOP’s Nazi playbook felt alarmist.

What earlier felt dramatic, today feels 100% justified. One night on Twitter, I see I’m not alone. Other Jews have bags packed. The yentas, my Portland Jew-crew, are each freaking out in their own lovingly-neurotic way.

In May I wrote about Jewish White Privilege, confidently saying “they aren’t coming for us, yet”. On Yom Kippur, I repeated those words like…

Coworkers don’t need your side-eye either.

Photo from Unsplash by Erik McLean

I’ve been into the idea of #WFH since 1982. My mom went home first. My dad left his suit & tie to write songs a few years later. Except for Shabbat, both worked a lot–around life.

They were remote-work renegades with more constraints: faxes, no email. They made it work without dial-up or family nearby.

I am desperately trying to make it work, and to view labor differently. Every day I fight against the capitalist patriarchy. I own my time (or try to).

Creating our own schedule is a necessity of 21st-century living, not a luxury.

“If what it takes…

Heroes don’t wear capes.

Edna Mode “Luck favors the prepared” from PIXAR film The Incredibles. (No image rights. Taken from a meme).

Edna Mode does not mess around. Everything she says is gold. Who doesn’t love the know-it-all fashionable aunt and her comic relief? But, just because she manages to be both formidable and funny, is everything she says “perfection, darling?

Warning: I have dissected this movie a lot. I can’t help myself, especially as an art educator, design thinker, and content creator. There are good messages and several strong women, including Edna. Different bodies and not a lot of gun violence. Parents who try.

As a parent, I have sucked the joy out of most movies for my kids (Yay mom!)…

Take the First 3 Steps to Build Your “Business for Good.”

Image from Download your free step-by-step guide and start your own LLC! We got you!

Do you ever have a case of The Mondays? If you work for someone else, probably. What about working for yourself? Do you dream of being your own boss one day? Maybe, like me, you are already a few years in.

You may still feel stressed and pressure…who the eff isn’t burnt out?!🔥 But working for yourself is very different. The feeling of freedom in being your own boss that is pretty singular.

The good part? It’s all on you. …

Truth. The “Future of Work” does not work without us. Image made in Canva by coflowco

Truth. America’s hidden history is hard to hear, hard to witness. For victims of colonization and racism, honestly, things are far worse. Celebrate freedom, but don’t ignore the facts.

Juneteenth was not simply 2 years overdue; it was hundreds of years too late. Independence Day’s truth is just as tainted. While it’s not an either-or, why do we celebrate July 4th when we have moved on from Columbus Day? What are we celebrating?

It’s tough to compartmentalize, to say, hey “they” did some good. “They” stole indigenous lands, owned other humans, raped both, and then declared a country of “Free…

Reflections on our shared history and fighting for equality.

Image made in Canva by author, includes headline from a newspaper about the Amistad 1839.

Traveling together.

Yesterday I made another connection in New England, a fellow small business owner and consultant “doing the work.” Founder Yvonne Alston and I do different things yet quickly found common ground. We discussed our why — reasons to leave decades of “success” in corporate America to go out on our own. We talked about purpose. About similar transformative trips to water 2 years apart. How both of us had epiphanies stepping away from work, sitting with ourselves.

Before we hung up, we briefly touched on Juneteenth. We talked about the importance of educating our kids on their history. Yvonne spoke…

Emily O. Weltman

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