Emily O. Weltman
Emily Weltman, M. Ed., strategy consultant, social entrepreneur + coFLOWco founder is “Leading with Purpose–because the patriarchy isn’t going to fix Itself.”💫
Image by author, made in Canva

Hand sketch of globe and book with “Herstory” written on it.
Illustration by Cathy Libnic

“Our culture is powerfully shaped by the publishers of history books and the compendiums of debate and rhetoric, the creators of podcasts, the magazine editors who come up with the “10 best” lists, the conference organizers, the award givers, and all the other gatekeepers of our culture and shapers of…

White brick wall
This is a brick wall. Photo from Unsplash by Sharon Mccutcheon

Edna Mode “Luck favors the prepared” from PIXAR film The Incredibles. (No image rights. Taken from a meme).

Emily O. Weltman

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